DAV University organizes Annual Athletic Meet

DAV University

Jalandhar March 7 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- DAV University organised its Annual Athletic Meet. The two-day event was inaugurated with a ceremonial flag hoisting by Dr Manoj Kumar, Vice Chancellor and Dr S K Arora, Registrar of the University.

More than 300 students participated in the event. The event led by the University NCC contingent started with a marchpast having participants from different departments. The events included races, high jump, shot put, discus, tug of war and triple jump.

DAV University

Various dignitaries at the event included Dr Yeshbeer Singh, Director Sports, Mr C P Singh, Mr Rohit Chauhan, Dr Manju Deorari, Ms Anuradha Chaudhary, Ms Milandeep Kaur and Mr Pawandeep Singh (all assistant professors). The prizes were given away by Dr Manoj Kumar, Vice Chancellor.


Best Athlete (Men): Ankit Kumar and Best Athlete (Women): Kajal Kumari (both from Physical Education Department). 5000 mts (Men): Rajnish (Sciences) – First, Arun Sihag (Physical Education) – Second, Santosh (Physical Education) – Third. Shotput (Men): Vishal Kumar (Physical Education) – First, Dhanraj (CBME) – Second, Vijay (Physical Education) – Third. Shotput (Women): Amandeep Kaur (Physical Education) – First, Aarti (Physical Education) – Second, Sapna (CBME) – Third. Javelin Throw (Men): Karanjot Virk (Physical Education) – First, Abheet Choudhary (Physical Education) – Second, Krishna Yadav (Physical Education) – Third. Javelin Throw (Women): Amandeep Kaur (Physical Education) – First, Ankanksha (Physical Education) – Second, Anchal Bharti (Physical Education) – Third. Discuss Throw (Men): Vishal Kumar (Physical Education) – First, Abhishek Kumar (Physical Education) – Second, Sham Kumar (Physical Education) – Third. Discuss Throw (Women): Santosh Kumari

(Physical Education) – First, Radhika Chauhan (Physical Education) – Second, Akanksha (Physical Education) – Third. 1500 mts. (Men): Sourav (Physical Education) – First, Rajnish (Sciences) – Second, Deepak Kumar (Physical Education) – Third. 800 mts. (Men): Ravi (Physical Education) – First, Arun Sihag (Physical Education) – Second, Rajnish (Sciences) – Third. High Jump (Men): Abhishek Kamboj (Physical Education) – First, Mansar (CBME) – Second, Abhishek Kumar (Physical Education) – Third. 200 mts. (Women): Kajal (Physical Education) – First, Laxmi (Physical Education) – Second, Radhika Chauhan (Physical Education) – Third. Triple Jump (Men): Anmol Bharti

(Physical Education) – First, Mansar (CBME) – Second, Karanjot Virk (Physical Education) – Third. Triple Jump (Women): Puja Kumari (Physical Education) – First, Kajal Kumari (Physical Education) – Second, Ankita (Physical Education) – Third. High Jump (Women): Puja Kumari (Physical Education) – First, Anchal Bharti (Physical Education) – Second, Harpreet Kaur (Physical Education) – Third. 4x400Mts. (Women): Physical Education – First, Physical Education – Second, Agriculture – Third.

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