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Uniqueness marked Value Added Programs at KMV helping students to achieve new heights of success

Jalandhar December 23 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- Kanya Maha Vidyalaya (Autonomous) which entered higher league of colleges by gaining Autonomous Status has introduced many new initiatives and reforms in education that are in sync with the New Education Policy of India. Throwing more light on these reforms, Principal Prof. Dr. Atima Sharma Dwivedi adumbrated that being the first autonomous women college of Punjab, KMV has made diligent and visionary endeavors to upgrade syllabus of all courses with 21st century skills.

Along with various new programs, compulsory value-added programs are introduced with each semester. The credits of these courses are also included in Detail Mark Cards. It is worth a mention here that these programs are being offered free of cost to the students for each semester&are compulsory for all the students. The value-based programs being introduced in various semesters are:

• Semester I-Foundation Program

• Semester II-Moral Education

• Semester III-Gender Sensitization/ Personality Development

• Semester IV-Social Outreach

• Semester V- Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Creative Thinking/ Job Readiness

All these programs are specially designed with the holistic development and growth of students in mind. These value-added programs prepare the students for life and workplace. Foundation Program introduced in the Sem. I aims to bridge the gap between high school and higher education. Moral Education Program introduced in the Sem. II is intended to be the primary step to fulfill a long-felt need and provide the missing link in the present education curricula. The course aims at bringing about a perceptional transformation among the students, by initiating a process of self-exploration and motivating them to tread the righteous path.

Gender Sensitization introduced in Sem. III

Gender Sensitization introduced in Sem. III is the need of the hour as the need for this sensitivity has been felt and realised through times immemorial and in almost all kinds of human existence, across the globe. The first module involves a series of lectures on pertinent gender issues by senior and experienced faculty of the college, renowned doctor and lawyer of the city.

The next important module is the open house session, chaired by visionary Principal of Kanya Maha Vidyalaya Prof. Atima Sharma Dwivedi, Director, Women Studies Centre. It also provides a platform for students to share their views, thoughts and experiences on gender issues. Another important module is the Workshop on self-defense techniques by the experts so that students can learn to defend themselves in case of any emergency.

The very purpose of this workshop is to build confidence among students and make them self reliant and confident. Another option of Personality Development Program in Semester III strives at the holistic development of our students and empower them to become leaders by facilitating opportunities for purposeful learning. Various modules pertaining to communication skills, goal setting, leadership, fitness and grooming are covered under the program. Interactive sessions and workshops are held by expert faculty and trainers.

Social Outreach Program introduced in Sem. IV

Social Outreach Program introduced in Sem. IV sensitize the students to alleviate the sufferings of fellow human beings and display compassion and empathy. Carrying forward the mission of selfless service of humanity, Kanya Maha Vidyalaya has initiated this program which aims to create a sense of responsibility and empathy among the younger generation. Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Creative Thinking/ Job Readiness program in semester V prepares the students to start their own enterprises by innovating new business models in their respective fields.

Under this program, training is provided to the students through various modules such as organizational structure, public speaking, presentation skills, group discussion & personal interview etc. required in the corporate working environment by the experts from various reputed MNCs and all these efforts has resulted into the excellent placements of the students in renowned companies.

Kanya Maha Vidyalaya is working ceaselessly to foster innovative and entrepreneurial culture

Moreover, Kanya Maha Vidyalaya is working ceaselessly to foster innovative and entrepreneurial culture among students as KMV has provided a breeding ground for many student start-ups. With the continuous motivation, guidance and support many students have started their own entrepreneurial ventures, be it a fashion boutique, beauty salon, diet clinic, nutritive foods manufacturing &video editing etc.

All these innovative& first of its kind value-added Programs at KMV are instrumental in evolving the students as an excellent global citizens. Along with this, KMV is also running various innovative programs like School of Communications, Student Mentoring Programme, School of Personality Development, Centre for Leadership Development and Lifelong Learning, Centre for Competitive Exams, KMV Institution’s Innovation Council (ICC), Counseling (Career and General Counseling), CA Coaching Classes, Institute of IELTS by Guided Experts, Foreign Languages Taught by Foreign Teachers, Yoga & Self Defense Classes & Centre of Research & Innovation that strive not only for the holistic development but also for the professional growth of the students.

Centre for Competitive Exams prepares students for IAS, PCS, Bank PO, UGC, Defence Services etc

Each year we have teachers from France, Germany, and Spain to teach native languages. Counseling (Career and General Counseling) is offered throughout the year to the students. Centre for Competitive Exams prepares students for IAS, PCS, Bank PO, UGC, Defence Services etc. Institute of IELTS by guided experts provide on-campus IELTS training to the desirous candidates.

Centre for Leadership Development and Lifelong learning grooms the students and inculcates leadership qualities in them. KMV’s Institution’s Innovation Council (ICC) granted by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India aims to encourage young talented minds to participate in the entrepreneurial initiatives by providing them a perfect platform for showcasing their talents.

Under Student Mentoring Programme each teacher mentors 10 to 15 students and provides relevant guidance and mentoring to the students. In order to empower the women in all the aspects of life, KMV provides Yoga & Self Defense Classes to its students. Prof. Dwivedi concluded by saying that such wide variety of meaningful programmes reiterate KMV’s commitment to the students’ meaningful futures and will also help them to forge ahead in their lives.

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