Release of Santokh Bhullar’s book on Saroop Singh’s painting at Lyallpur Khalsa College

Santokh Bhullar

Jalandhar July 3 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- Lyallpur Khalsa College Jalandhar and Sahitya Kala Kendra organized a public presentation ceremony of the unique and very important book “Chitran Da Sahitya Sumail” written by versatile writer Santokh Bhullar. The book is about the cultural history of the portraits of Punjabi literary figures as portrayed by internationally renowned Punjabi painter Sardar Saroop Singh. The event was held at the college auditorium.

In this book, one hundred and fifteen Punjabi writers related to Sufi, Gurmat, Qisa and modern literary trends along with portraits prepared by Saroop Singh of personalities belonging to five other cultures and informative written by Santokh Bhullar about the life and contribution of those personalities are included.

Darshan Khatkar, the leading poet and thinker of the Punjabi Jujhar Vidrohi poetry movement, attended the event as the chief guest and along with him, prominent writer Bachint Kaur, Shiromani journalist and writer Kuldeep Singh Bedi, Eng. Seetal Singh Sangha and Principal Dr. Jaspal Singh presided over the event. At the beginning of the event, Principal Dr. Jaspal Singh welcomed the literature and art lovers participating in the event and praised the great and valuable work done by painter Saroop Singh and writer Santokh Bhullar and honored the guests.

The book ‘’Chitran Da Sahitya Sumail’ was released

After this, the book ‘’Chitran Da Sahitya Sumail’ was released. Apart from the presiding committee, Jaswant Khatkar, Shaira Amarjit Kaur Amar, Sharik-i-Hayat Randhir Kaur and daughter of late poet Fatehjit Randhir Kaur and daughter lecturer Baljit Kaur Ball, Prof. Dr. Nimrat Kaur Bal, daughter of late Professor Narjit Singh Khaira, and Eng. Kanwaljit Singh Lati from the family of painter Saroop Singh also attended the event.

In the discussion about the book, Jaswant Khatkar, Shaira Amar, Baljit Kaur Ball and the dignitaries expressed very emotional views and praised the work of Saroop Singh and Santokh Bhullar with open heart. Chief Guest Darshan Khatkar, while discussing the nuances of painting, shed light on the uniqueness of Saroop Singh’s work in detail. The entire event was telecasted live by Prof. Balraj Singh Shergill on Jasbir Singh Shair’s Web TV Lafsan Di Duniya.

At the end of the event, Sital Singh Sangha, the patron of Sahitya Kala Kendra, thanked the audience for being the glory of the event. The event, which was a success in all respects, was moderated by the president of the center, Prof. Gopal Singh Buttar.

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