PCM SD College for Women Holds Inspiring Session on ‘My Story – Motivational Session by Successful Innovators’

PCM SD College

Jalandhar November 15 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- In a bid to foster innovation and entrepreneurship among young students, PCM SD College for Women organized a ‘My Story – Motivational Session by Successful Innovators’. The event hosted by the Institution’s Innovative Council, aimed to inspire and nurture the budding innovators of tomorrow. The highlight of the session was the insightful talk delivered by the esteemed resource person, Mrs. Jatinder Kaur, the accomplished owner of Rimpi Makeovers in Jalandhar.

The speaker’s journey as a successful innovator served as a beacon of inspiration for the students. President Shri Naresh Budhia, Senior Vice-President Shri Vinod Dada, the honorable members of the Managing Committee and the worthy Principal Prof. (Dr.) Pooja Prashar appreciated the efforts of the Innovative Council for successfully organizing the event. The session proved to be an enriching and fruitful experience.

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