Apeejay College of Fine Arts Jalandhar Principal Dr. Neerja Dhingra and Dr. Simkee Dev won the Best Research Paper Award

Apeejay College

Jalandhar June 27 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- Apeejay College of Fine Arts is making valuable contribution towards the arena of women centric research work. A research paper titled Gender Gap in Lok Sabha Elections : An Empirical Study written by Dr Neeraj Dhingra and Dr Simkee Dev won the Best paper award in the humanities and social science track presented at the national conference on multidisciplinary studies held at Apj School of Management New Delhi.

The empirical paper emphatically establishes the low political participation of women in the Country even after 77 years of India’s independence. Women political leaders find less representation in national Parliament as well as state assemblies of the country.

On Gender Parity Index India ranks 127 out of 146 countries which show glaring gender gaps prevalent in the country.

The research paper also presented various important reasons for this gender gap which include gender stereo types, illiteracy, patriarchy, less nomination of women by political parties, political corruption etc.

The research paper highlighted the various government sponsored programmes for woman empowerment in the country.

Although political participation of women is on the rise yet it is still long way before gender parity is achieved in India.

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