KMV organises an industrial visit to Sheen Pharmaceuticals

industrial visit

Jalandhar April 28 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- Kanya Maha Vidyalaya (Autonomous) students of P.G Department of Chemistry embarked on a valuable industrial visit to Sheen Pharmaceuticals, where they were introduced to the intricacies of medicine manufacturing and packaging processes. During their visit, students had the opportunity to witness firsthand the manufacturing and packaging procedures for medicines, capsules, and syrups. Through guided tours and interactive sessions led by industry experts, they gained valuable insights into the meticulous steps involved in ensuring the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products.

Sheen Pharmaceuticals provided a conducive learning environment, allowing students to engage with state-of-the-art equipment and technology utilised in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. From understanding the formulation of medicines to observing the packaging of capsules and syrups, the visit provided students with a comprehensive understanding of the pharmaceutical production lifecycle.

Principal Prof Dr Atima Sharma Dwivedi averred that this kind of educational excursion reflects KMV’s commitment to providing practical learning experiences that complement classroom teachings. By exposing students to real-world industry practices, the institution aims to nurture their curiosity and prepare them for future endeavours in the pharmaceutical sector. Madam Principal lauded the efforts of PG Department of Chemistry for successfully organising the visit.

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