KMV celebrates International Yoga Day with full zeal and enthusiasm

International Yoga Day

Organises a six day long activities highlighting the importance of Yoga

Jalandhar June 21 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- Kanya Maha Vidyalaya (Autonomous) celebrated International Yoga Day with full zeal and enthusiasm. The celebrations were jointly organised by Department of NCC and NSS. On this occasion, a six day long series of activities were organised based on the themes “Yoga for Self and Society” and “Yoga for Women Empowerment.” NCC cadets and NSS volunteers, along with students from various departments and hostel of the college, actively participated in these events.

During the event, not only was a yoga drill organised, but activities such as practicing yoga with family members at home, yoga activities for faculty on duty at college, and yoga sessions for hostel students were also conducted. Additionally, all participants took a pledge to adopt yoga in their daily lives. Mrs. Sudesh and Mrs. Ramesh Agarwal from the Women Patanjali Yoga Committee, Jalandhar, made a special appearance and demonstrated various yoga postures and poses, explaining that yoga is the best form of exercise that keeps a person physically and mentally healthy and propels them towards higher tendencies.

They emphasised the importance of yoga in our daily lives, advocating for the adoption of a yoga lifestyle.The yoga session was highly enthusiastic and provided a new sense of joy to life. It is noteworthy that the teaching, non-teaching staff, and supporting staff members were also present on this occasion. Principal Prof. Atima Sharma Dwivedi lauded he efforts of Mrs. Ashima Sahni, Dr. Sonik Bhatia, Mrs. Anand Prabha, and Mrs. Sufalica for successfully organising the event.

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