Havan Yagna was performed at HMV Collegiate School on the recommencement of SSC 1 and SSC 2 classes after summer Vacations


Jalandhar July 1 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- With high energy and fresh vibes, Havan was performed under the guidance of Principal Prof. Dr. (Mrs.) Ajay Sareen. The day began on a very enthusiastic note. Everyone joined hands in chanting the holy mantras and invoking the blessings of the Almighty. Principal Prof. Dr. (Mrs.) Ajay Sareen welcomed the students in the premises echoed with sincerity, discipline and dedication.

She congratulated the entire HMV family on being ranked number one in all aspects. With her powerful words, she inspired the young students to develop sustainably with diligence, self- control, and knowledge. She blessed the girls to spread the fragrance of goodness just like the divine fragrance of Havan and make the name of parents, teachers and nation proud.

Mrs. Arvinder Kaur, School Co – Coordinator advised students to be disciplined and committed to the duties and responsibilities

She also held firmly HMV builds up the strong character and then success is definitely be achieved through focused attitude combined with persistent hard work and the blessings of Almighty and parents. The school coordinator Dr. Seema Marwaha addressed the students by saying that self – discipline and patience are extremely important components to achieve success and every obstacle in the path of success be treated as stepping stone. She encouraged them to be invincible in life. She thanked Principal Prof. Dr. Sareen for her constant support and inspiration and assured her of the relentless and whole hearted efforts of the faculty. Mrs. Arvinder Kaur, School Co – Coordinator advised students to be disciplined and committed to the duties and responsibilities.

Mr Ravi Maini, Superintendent Admin in his address told students to accept criticism with open heart to be constructive in thinking and becoming better. Mrs Seema Joshi, Superintendent General Office focussed on using time prudently and imbibing positive values in life. On this event, Dr. Prem Sagar from the Music Department sang a Bhajan and filled the air with mellifluous divinity. The havan ceremony was ended with recital of Shanti Path by Dr. Meenu Talwar. The Havan was attended by all the members of collegiate faculty – teaching and non-teaching, the supporting staff and the students. Principal Dr. Ajay Sareen was congratulated on receiving the Best Principal Award too.

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