Apeejay College of Fine Arts conducted a FDP with Collaboration of IQAC on Artificial Intelligence – Pros and Cons

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Jalandhar December 20 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- Apeejay College of Fine Arts, Jalandhar organised a FDP with Collaboration of IQAC on the most relevant topic of today’s times i.e. Artificial Intelligence. Sharing with the respective faculty members of the College, Dr. Roopali Sood, Head, Department of Computer Science and IT shared the history of the AI. She said though AI became popular in early 20s and has become a topic to discussion in every house hold now, it has always been there since 1950s. Talking about its working, she explained and differentiated the terms- AI, Machine learning and Deep learning.

Adding further, she said that today almost all the aspects of life are touched with AI. For instance from Gaming, Security and Surveillance, E- Commerce, Finance and Banking, Algorithms, Editing, Auto correct etc. Also, Mr Ankit from Department of Multimedia showed the live demos of creating a painting, Designing a living room, composing a song and its lyrics with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Dr. Sunit Kaur discussed the challenges involved in the use of artificial intelligence

After discussing the benefits of AI, Dr. Sunit Kaur, Head, Department of English discussed the challenges involved in the use of artificial intelligence. She avered that despite the limitless benefits of AI, it had to be used very diligently failing which, it could pose huge threats to its users, as it lacked adaptability , emotions sentiments and a capacity to learn from mistakes as in the case of human intelligence.

AI tools involve a lot of expenses and pose a huge threat to creativity and originality particularly amongst students whose creative and writing skills are taking a back seat thanks to artificial intelligence. AI also has privacy and legal issues which are yet to be regulated and regularised. Dr Sunit concluded that an intelligent and dextrous use of artificial intelligence alone can help us to make full use of its vast and amazing benefits.

Principal Dr. Neerja Dhingra sharing her views on the relevance of FDPs being organised for the staff said,” Irrespective of our respective fields, it is essential for us to keep ourselves updated with the latest prevalent trends.” Talking about AI, she said that AI is going to stay and it is essential for us to aquaint ourselves with it’s advantages and limitations. She appreciated the efforts of Dr. Anjana and Dr. Payal Arora, organisers of the FDP.

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