Youth Club of PCM SD College for Women holds Literary Talk

Youth Club

Jalandhar April 12 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- Youth Club of PCM SD College for Women, Jalandhar held a vibrant Literary Talk centered around the theme ‘Historical Significance of Baisakhi’.

The event aimed to educate students about the profound importance of Baisakhi in Punjab’s cultural and historical landscape. The activity commenced with an insightful presentation on the significance of Baisakhi in the lives of peasants, highlighting its role as a festival marking the harvest season. The Khalsa Panth and the poignant history of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre were eloquently elucidated by students, providing a comprehensive understanding of the festival’s historical context.

Dr. Neena Mittal, the in-charge of the youth club, emphasized the special and inspiring nature of Baisakhi, particularly at the socio-religious level in Punjab. She extended her heartfelt congratulations to all the students for their active participation and engagement in celebrating this auspicious occasion. Furthermore, Prof.(Dr.) Pooja Prashar expressed her reverence for Baisakhi as a blessed day in both agricultural and Sikh life.

President Shri Naresh Budhia, Senior Vice President Shri Vinod Dada, other members of the managing committee and Principal lauded the initiatives taken by the Youth Club to promote cultural awareness with enthusiasm and reverence. The event successfully fostered a sense of cultural pride and solidarity among the participants, reinforcing the importance of preserving and commemorating traditional festivals.

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