Nirankari Devotees Leave People Awestruck With Their Selfless Services Preparations towards Completion

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Hoshiarpur January 24 (Bureau)- With the immense grace of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj the Annual Nirankari Sant Samagam, marking its 57th year, is set to commence in Nagpur, Maharashtra on January 26 and conclude on January 28, thus offering devotees the joy of spiritual bliss.

He further said that devotees are actively preparing the venue to welcome their Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj, Nirankari Rajpita Ramit Ji and devotees from various parts of the country and overseas. This three day mega divine event is scheduled to be held at Mihan, Sumthana, Hingana, Nagpur.

The past one month, Nirankari devotees from Maharashtra surrounding neighborhood have come together to offer their selfless services and transforming the venue into a beautiful well lit temporary tented township. The enthusiasm, devotion, discipline and dedication with which all the devotees are fulfilling their duties is profoundly impressing the residents in the vicinity and passerby’s. A unique and exceptional sight of the congregation venue, now adorned as a splendid township has become a centre of attraction for all.

As always, this year too artistically inclined devotees from Mumbai have added their touch of creativity to the Sant Samagam by constructing the magnificent gate, showcasing its grandeur with exceptional beauty and grace. Additionally, devotees are skillfully contributing to the creation and adornment of other locations within the congregation site, making significant achievements in the realm of art.

Generating Awareness for the Samagam

With modest intention of drawing the attention of the residents of Nagpur to come and derive and partake the benefits of the Divine Sant Samagam, devotees and followers of the Nirankari Mission are organising street plays, rallies, strategically placing of banners to invite them.

Arrangements for the Samagam

Extensive arrangements are being made for all devotees attending the Samagam as usual, including proper management of tents, langar and canteens, ensuring a comprehensive level of comfort. Special attention is also being given to cleanliness at the venue. The Publication Department is setting up stalls at various locations to provide literature of the Mission. All these preparations have been made possible under the divine guidance of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj, reflecting a beautiful glimpse of skillful preparations by indulging in selfless service.

Nirankari Sant Samagam like always has followed the legacy of showcasing the diverse tapestry of culture and humanity from both within the country and abroad with perfection. Every saint will experience the bliss, get influenced and motivated by the divine teachings of Satguru and saints, embrace the values of humanity, love and devotion, thereby enriching their lives.

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