Best performers in 7day NSS Camp held at ACFA were felicitated with certificates

NSS Camp

Jalandhar January 16 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- Students of Apeejay College of Fine Arts, Jalandhar were honored for their excellent performance in the 7 day NSS Camp. Principal Dr. Neerja Dhingra congratulating the students said, ” All the NSS Volunteers gave their best in this 7 day NSS camp and have honed their skills, learnt new things and have altogether created their unique identities by showcasing their talent in every field.

They came out of their shells with the help of various activities conducted during this camp.” She added that throughout the camp, morale of these students was high and the chill cold winters also couldn’t stop them from becoming the part of this unique 7 day camp.

In the technical session held on the seventh day of NSS camp, Mrs Trupti Sethi Psychologist from ANR Hospital and Ms Aastha Pasi from PGT Psychology, La Blossom School were present. Ms Pasi addressed the students and talked about stress management. Stress deteriorates the quality of our life and the resource persons but with the correct stress management techniques, this can be remedied.

Students were awarded with the certificates

In this camp which ran continuously for 7 days, students were awarded with the certificates and the appropriate titles as per their contribution. Tanishq was given the title of Most Punctual Volunteer of the Camp while Abiroop won the accolades by getting the title of All Rounder. Shivansh got honoured for his Leadership Qualities and Vansh got the title of being Most Jovial Volunteer.

Nisar won the title of Most Discipline, Bhaviniwom hearts with her Best Anchoring in Hindi and Vanshika with her Best Anchoring in English. Smriti got the title of most Creative and Ishaan got the title of Tech Savvy. Most Inquisitive title went to Mehtab, and the most hard Worker title went to Sandeep. Most Vibrant volunteer was given to Lavisha and Askhat got the title of Best Singer and Special Appreciation for Dance Performance was given to Chahat.

Dr. Neerja Dhingra appreciated the efforts of Dr. Simkee Dev, Dean NSS wing and her team – Mr. Diptesh, Mr. Kunj Arora, Sahil Mahey and Ms Swanti for the successful completion of the NSS camp and inspired them to continue encouraging and motivating the students in the future also.

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