ACFA organized Valedictory Ceremony of 7 day NSS camp

Valedictory Ceremony

Jalandhar January 15 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- A Valedictory Ceremony of the 7 day NSS camp – Sanspanadan was organized at Apeejay College of Fine Arts, Jalandhar. The Chief Guest of the day was Padam Sri Sant Balbeer Singh Seechewal, Member of Rajya Sabha who is also known by the name of Eco Baba. He is an environmentalist who has dedicated his whole life to preserve the environment. It was his spirit and dedication to bring a change in people’ lives that restored the rivulet – Kalli Bein

Principal Dr. Neerja Dhingra warmly welcomed Sant Ji and expressed her gratitude for having him at the college. She also extended her welcome to Sr. Surjeet Singh (Personal Secretary of Sant Ji). The Valedictory Ceremony began with the guests taking round in Art Gallery which exhibits the unique work of college students and faculty members. Also, the tree plantation was done by the Chief Guest along with Madam Principal with the promise to preserve environment.

Valedictory Ceremony

The Valedictory Ceremony opened with the NSS theme song and a video exhibiting the works of NSS wing of the College. A detailed documentary of Sant Ji’s work, the entire process of restoring the Kali Bein, the Seenchewal model that treats the dirty water and is reused for the purpose of irrigation and Sant Ji’s various successful attempts and deeds done by him helping people facing floods or COVID 19 was shown to the august gathering. The video was truly an inspirational for the students and the faculty to make smart choices and do things that do not harm the mother nature.

An enthralling dance performance by NSS Volunteers was also shown to the gathering

On this occasion, Akshat- a student of BA Semester 2nd and NSS Volunteer sang environmental themed songs and entertained the audience. Also, a movie Phurar made by Dr Simkee Dev and her team was shown which showed the importance of rain in India and how it affects different areas of our nation. An enthralling dance performance by NSS Volunteers was also shown to the gathering.

Addressing the august gathering, Padam Sri Sant Seechewal Ji said, ” The mother nature had blessed us with the infinite resources be it water, land or air or other resources but in today’s time, the human actions have polluted all the three essential elements that are must for the human existence. Moreover, it is sad to know that it is educated section of the society that has played a vital role in it. They open the huge manufacturing inductries and earn fortunes but when it comes to waste, garbage and toxins; that are left untreated and flowed either in the rivers or left on the lands.

Consequently, it pollutes land, water and air and thus cancer and other chronic diseases are born.” He urged before the young students that it is them who can bring a change in the society and protect the mother nature. They need to convert their education and knowledge into something worth that enusres the preservation of the environment. Else it shall be too late one day and the survival of human beings on the earth will become nearly impossible.

The Valedictory Ceremony ended with the NSS students sharing their experience of the camp

The Valedictory Ceremony ended with the NSS students sharing their experience of the camp and they also received the certificate of appreciation. Also, the Resource persons of the NSS camp – Dr. Gagan Gambhir, Dr. Monika Anand, Dr. Ms Rajni Gupta and Dr. Simkee Dev received the mementos for their contribution to the camp. Also, a painting as a memorable memento was presented to Sant Ji and Sr. Surjeet Ji for their valuable time and inspiring the young students with their life journey.

Dr. Simkee Dev presented her Vote of Thanks and acknowledged the contribution of each and every person for making the entire camp successful.

Dr Neerja Dhingra appreciated the efforts of Dr. Simkee Dev (Dean NSS) and her team for making the entire event successful.

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