Oral health checkup of children was done in the dental checkup camp at Innocent Hearts School


Jalandhar November 7 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- Under ‘Disha- an Initiative’ run by Bowry Memorial Educational and Medical Trust, a Dental Checkup Camp was organized for the students of class I to V at Innocent Hearts School, Cantt,-Jandiala Road, in which specially qualified, experienced, alumni of our school Dentist Dr. Bhavana Gabha was invited. She examined the children’s teeth.

During the check She found children having cavities, so she gave instructions to them on how to clean the teeth. She told the children that we should brush twice a day. It is very important to brush our teeth before meals in the morning and after meals at night because after eating, some substances remain in our teeth which later become germs and harm our teeth. She told the children that they should consume less quantity of sweet things like chocolates and toffees which spoil the teeth.

On this occasion, the school principal, Mrs. Sonali, told the children that good health is related to the beauty of the face as well as healthy teeth. So, they should follow the instructions given by the Doctor and take good care of their teeth.

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