‘World Red Cross Day’ celebrated in Innocent Hearts

World Red Cross Day

Jalandhar May 8 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)-World Red Cross Day‘ was celebrated in all five schools of Innocent Hearts (Green Model Town, Loharan, Nurpur Road, Cantt Jandiala Road and Kapurthala Road), the aim of which is to instill the spirit of social service in the minds of children. On this occasion, the children were made to prepare a first aid kit, which contained all the first aid items like scissors, thin bandages, adhesive tape, thermometer, triangular bandage etc. and they were also told how to use them when needed.

On this occasion, Dr. Randhir of Emergency Department, an alumnus of Innocent Hearts School, visited Innocent Hearts Nurpur with his team. He guided the students on how they can save someone’s life before providing any medical help to the patient. The session started with an impressive street play under the theme of ‘World Red Cross Day 2024’ ‘I Give with Joy, and the Joy Given is a Reward’. Thereafter, Mr. Vikram, trained in BLS (Basic Life Support) for the last 10 years, gave a presentation to the students with demonstration on how the patient should be taken to the recovery position.

After this, a question-answer session was organized for the students. In the classes, the science teachers told the children that ‘World Red Cross Day’ is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Henry Dunant. Just as the volunteers of the Red Cross organization continue to provide their services in various disasters with a selfless spirit, in the same way we should also help the needy at our own level for human welfare and charity.

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