Workshop on Implementing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Practical Strategies for Positive Change


Jalandhar April 9 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- Under the able guidance of Principal Dr. (Mrs.) Ajay Sareen, Freudian Psychological Society organised a one day workshop on “Implementing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Practical Strategies for Positive Change”. The resource person was Dr. Radhika Gupta. She was welcomed by Dr. Ashmeen Kaur, Head P.G. department of Psychology with a planter and a painting. She started the workshop by telling about anger management techniques using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She told that CBT focuses on changing the automatic negative thoughts. We should not have negative thought patterns in which we try to control our emotions instead we should manage our emotions.

To manage them we can use a grounding technique in which we activate our five senses. We should also focus on our breathing patterns so, that more and more oxygen reaches our brain. She also highlighted the patterns of over thinking among adolescents. Our mind focuses on things either from past or on things we can’t control. When we feel helpless we over think. She ended with an interactive question answer session. Principal Prof. Dr. Ajay Sareen appreciated this initiative and congratulated the Department of Psychology.

Ms. Priyanshu (M voc. sem 2) conducted the stage and Harsimrat (M voc. sem 2) gave the formal vote of thanks. On this occasion Ms. Shruti Bidani Mrs. Anjali Nandan and Ms. Nidhi Sharma also participated in the workshop.

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