PCM SD College for Women Radiates Festive Spirit in Holi

College for Women

Jalandhar March 25 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- PCM SD College for Women, Jalandhar, epitomizes the essence of value-based education through its vibrant celebration of Holi. In collaboration with the Youth Club and Central Association, the college radiated festive spirit, fostering not just joy but also instilling cultural and moral values in its students.

The ceremony began with the application of Holi Tilak on the foreheads of esteemed staff members, symbolizing respect and reverence for tradition. As the festival signifies the arrival of spring and the triumph of good over evil, it served as a poignant reminder of the values upheld by the institution.

Students adorned in dazzling attire showcased not only their festive spirit but also their commitment to cultural heritage. Mesmerizing dance performances further enlivened the atmosphere, spreading joy and positivity among the audience.

Acknowledging the significance of the occasion, President Shri Naresh Budhia, Senior Vice President Shri Vinod Dada, and other esteemed members of the Managing Committee, along with the worthy Principal Prof. Dr. Pooja Prashar, congratulated the students and faculty. Their felicitation extended not just to the success of the event but also to the embodiment of cultural and moral values displayed by the Youth Club and Central Association.

PCM SD College for Women stands as a beacon of sanatan institution, nurturing tough minds with a strong cultural and moral base. Through such value-based education activities, the college ensures holistic development, shaping individuals who not only excel academically but also uphold the core values of our society.

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