PCM SD College for Women holds Lecture on ‘Taming the Exam Dragons’


Jalandhar April 14 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- PCM SD College for Women, Jalandhar held a thought-provoking lecture titled “Taming the Exam Dragons” by Dr. Inderpreet Sandhu, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Punjabi University, Patiala.

The event aimed to address the prevalent issue of examination stress among students and provided effective strategies to overcome it. She commenced the lecture by shedding light on the various factors contributing to examination stress, highlighting the intricate relationship between academic pressure and mental health. Drawing from her expertise in psychology, she delved into the psychological aspects of stress, emphasizing its detrimental effects on students’ overall well-being. She also came up with innovative and practical techniques to mitigate examination stress. She advocated for a holistic approach to exam preparation, encompassing physical, emotional, and psychological well-being.

The lecture was a dynamic exchange of ideas where the speaker actively engaged with the audience, encouraging participation and fostering a supportive environment for open discussion.

The session proved to be an enlightening and empowering experience for the students.

President Shri Naresh Budhia, Senior Vice President Shri Vinod Dada, other members of the managing committee and Principal Prof. (Dr.) Pooja Prashar commended the department of Psychology and the speaker for imparting valuable insights and practical strategies to conquer exam stress and achieve academic success. The event served as a testament to the power of education in nurturing both academic excellence and mental well-being.

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