PCM S.D.College for Women organizes Workshop on Design Thinking, Critical Thinking, and Innovation Design

Design Thinking

Jalandhar February 24 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- The Institute Innovation Council and the Department of Home Science of PCM S.D. College for Women organized a dynamic workshop focusing on Design Thinking, Critical Thinking, and Innovation Design, with a special emphasis on the art and business of candle-making.

Mrs. Money Luthra, with two years of active involvement in the candle industry and a successful internet business to her name, shared her expertise with the students. The workshop showcased an array of wax varieties, including paraffin, palm, soy and beeswax all of which play crucial roles in crafting candles.

Mrs. Money Luthra demonstrated essential candle-making processes such as pouring, rolling, dipping, and molding, providing a hands-on experience for the eager participants.

The workshop didn’t just stop at the craft; it extended to entrepreneurial insights. Recognizing the growing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly candles, the workshop aimed to empower participants with practical training in candle making and insights into marketing prospects. With the expanding presence of e-commerce platforms and online marketplaces, the session also offered valuable guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs in the candle industry.

President Shri Naresh Budhia, Senior Vice-President Shri Vinod Dada, esteemed members of the Managing Committee and the worthy Principal acknowledged the successful organization of the event. They also commended the collaborative initiative, emphasizing the importance of such workshops in fostering creativity and skill development among students.

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