NCC Unit of PCM SD College for Women in collaboration with Alpha Mahindru Foundation holds Voter Awareness Camp

NCC Unit

Jalandhar May 30 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- The NCC unit of PCM SD College for Women, Jalandhar, in collaboration with Department of Political Science and Alfa Mahendru Foundation, a non-governmental organization, organized a Voter Awareness Campaign.

The event aimed to educate and encourage the community about the importance of voting and active participation in the democratic process.

The campaign was designed to engage the community and spread awareness about the significance of voting, the electoral process, and the impact of informed voting on governance. Students went from markets to the residential areas encouraging the public to exercise their vote.

Additionally, a rally was organized around the college road and nearby areas. Participants carried banners and placards with slogans promoting voter awareness, aiming to reach a broader audience and emphasize the importance of voting to the local community.

President Ramesh Mahendru, General Secretary Jaswinder Singh Dhiraj, Finance Secretary Bhupinder Kalia, Advocate and Legal Advisor Jai Pal Sharma and Member Sanjiv Kumar were the distinguished members from the Alfa Mahendru Foundation who supported the campaign.Their presence and active participation were instrumental in making the event. This session provided a platform for addressing common questions and misconceptions about the voting process.

President Shri Naresh Budhia, Senior Vice President Shri Vinod Dada, other members of the managing committee and Principal Prof. (Dr.) Pooja Prashar applauded the efforts of Associate NCC Officer Captain Priya Mahajan, her entire Unit and the department of Political Science for educating the general public about the importance of voting and inspired them to actively participate in the democratic process. The collaboration between the college and Alfa Mahendru Foundation exemplifies the positive impact that educational institutions and non-governmental organizations can have when they work together towards a common goal.

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