KMV’s Automatically Stagnant Water Ejector gains much attention at the International Museum Expo organised by the Government of India

Water Ejector

Jalandhar June 6 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- Kanya Maha Vidyalaya (Autonomous) always motivates its students to practice innovation. In an another major achievement, the automatic stagnant water ejector, prepared by the young innovators of the PG Department of Physics received high praise during the second phase of the International Museum Expo organized by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India at Science City, Kolkata, West Bengal.

The students of Kanya Maha Vidyalaya were selected from across the country to present their innovative ideas and projects. They presented the working process of the automatically stagnant water ejector very impressively. In their presentation, they explained how this simple prototype could eliminate stagnant water in urban and rural areas, which breeds mosquitoes and leads to diseases like malaria and dengue.

Additionally, they focused on the sensors used to detect water and the active process to automatically eject the water. The simplicity and effectiveness of this project greatly impressed all the spectators and the judging panel. Principal Prof. Atima Sharma Dwivedi lauded the commendable efforts of the talented students and their teachers, Dr. Neetu Chopra, Head, Physics Department and Dr. Surbhi for this significant achievement.

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