KMV inaugurates Open Air Gymnasium to foster student well-being

Open Air Gymnasium

This initiative taken by KMV for the physical well-being of students is highly commendable: Sh. Chander Mohan, President, Arya Shiksha Mandal

Jalandhar November 20 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- Kanya Maha Vidyalaya (Autonomous) in a significant step towards promoting holistic student health, inaugurated its state-of-the-art Open Air Gymnasium. The cutting-edge facility, equipped with modern exercise equipment, aims to provide students with an invigorating outdoor fitness experience. The inauguration ceremony witnessed the presence of Sh. Chander Mohan, President, Arya Shiksha Mandal, Dr. Sushma Chopra, Secretary, KMV Managing Committee, Principal Prof. Dr. Atima Sharma Dwivedi and members of KMV Managing Committee namely Mrs Neerja Chander Mohan, Dr Satpal Gupta and Dr Kamal Gupta.

Sh. Chander Mohan expressed enthusiasm about the new facility and said that the Open Air Gym reflects KMV’s commitment to fostering a healthy lifestyle among its student community. The Open Air Gym is designed to encourage students to incorporate physical activity into their daily routine, promoting not just fitness but overall well-being.Speaking on the occasion, Principal Prof. Dr. Atima Sharma Dwivedi averred that this gym is equipped with a range of exercise machines suitable for various fitness levels, ensuring inclusivity for all students.

Its strategic location on campus allows students to enjoy the benefits of fresh air and natural surroundings while engaging in physical activities. She further maintained that this initiative aligns with KMV’s broader commitment to providing a holistic educational experience and by integrating fitness opportunities into the campus environment, the institution aims to empower students to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Madam Principal lauded the efforts of Dr Davinder, Head, Department of Physical Education for this brilliant initiative.

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