HMV Organized Workshop on Therapy in action


Jalandhar April 4 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- Under the able guidance of Principal Prof. Dr. (Mrs.) Ajay Sareen, Freudian Psychological Society organised a one day workshop on “Therapy in action“. The Resource Person was Ms. Harshita Paul. She was welcomed by Dr. Ashmeen Kaur, Head P.G. department of Psychology with a planter and a painting.

She started the workshop by telling about an important rule of therapy that is ‘there is nothing right, there is nothing wrong’. She showed a scribbling on a paper and she explained that a client will be like a scribbled paper, you have to show your client a different perspective. You don’t have to solve the problems of your client you have to guide them. Session was very interactive and she made students do a lot of activities.

What is your purpose behind psychology

First activity was of Introspection in which she told students to make a drawing of what is your purpose behind psychology and then she interpreted some of those drawings. Then she did another activity in which students have to add an adjective to the initial letters of their name. Apart from these activities she said that you have to be a great listener in your therapy sessions. Then she explained the difference between hearing and listening. She also added that if you listen and validate your client it will take you a long way. Also, you have to validate your client’s feelings objectively and not from your perspective and personal biases.

She also told about some of the questioning techniques like Socratic questioning, cost benefit analysis, down arrow technique, breathing technique and ABC model of CBT. Lastly, she ended with an interactive question answer session. Principal Prof. Dr. Ajay Sareen appreciated this initiative and congratulated the Department of Psychology. She said that giving knowledge to the students about various aspects of Psychology and its practical applications is very necessary. Ms. Anushka (B.A. sem 4) conducted the stage and Ritika (B.A. sem 4) the formal vote of thanks On this occasion Ms.Shruti Bidani, Mrs. Anjali Nandan and Ms. Nidhi Sharma also participated in the workshop.

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