HMV Organized Workshop on Fine Tuning Foundations


Jalandhar April 1 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- Under the able guidance of Principal Prof. Dr. (Mrs.) Ajay Sareen and the aegis of IQAC a one day workshop organised on “Fine Tuning Foundations” for the members of non teaching staff of HMV. The resource person was Mr. Jatinder Pal Singh, a renowned Psychologist, Founder of Happiness Clinic. He was welcomed by Principal Dr. Mrs Ajay Sareen and IQAC Coordinator Dr. Ashmeen Kaur with a planter. He started the workshop by explaining the topic of not to just survive but to thrive in life.

He gave an important take away to work on relationships at workspace and even told about the importance of the pillars of a relationship to give a good tune to life. He emphasised on the leadership qualities like inclusion which plays a crucial role in the lives of every person.

The session was very informative and interactive

The session was very informative and interactive and he made the staff do a lot of activities. First activity was of introspection in which he told the staff members to write down their three negatives and three positives and then he gave a chance to them to speak up of what they wrote. Then he did an another activity in which he told the staff to write about the things they dislike in others or the negatives and he interpreted some of them in a very friendly and cohesive manner. He also told about how one should manage anger and should practice few techniques of anger management in any life situation.

He did a third activity named balloon in air in which 6 teams were formed, by doing this activity he explained how the concept of inclusiveness works as togetherness is the main leadership quality that should be there in an individual. He did an experiment by mixing some sand in water to explain the staff that the clean water stands for the mind and the sand for the negativity that one absorbs from his/her environment and from within as well.

Lastly, he ended the session with a mindfulness exercise by telling everyone to shut their eyes and imagine the radiance of Supreme power around them while focusing on the breathing exercise. Principal Prof. Dr. Ajay Sareen appreciated this initiative and congratulated the IQAC Coordinator Dr. Ashmeen Kaur for the efforts. The formal vote of thanks was given by Mr. Ravi Maini, Superintendent, Admin and the non teaching staff enthusiastically participated in the workshop.

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