Cyclist Crusader Bahu Sehab Bhawar reached Lyallpur Khalsa College campaigning against social evils

Bahu Sehab

Jalandhar January 30 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- Bahu seheb Bawar, cyclist crusader against social evils reached Lyallpur Khalsa College during his journey to India. Bahu sehab belongs to Maharashtra and has so far cycled across India five times to convey his message against social evils. Now, he is making this journey for the sixth time.

The purpose of his visit is to directly interact with the youth of the country to end dowry, infanticide, and drugs. He is currently going to various educational institutions of Punjab and are trying to make them aware against these social evils by interacting with the students.

On reaching Lyallpur Khalsa College, he was welcomed by Principal Dr. Jaspal Singh. Colonel Vinod Joshi, commanding officer, 2 Punjab NCC was also with him. Addressing NCC cadets (Army and Air Wing), NSS volunteers and other students of the college, he said that since 1993, he had started traveling to India and has been going with this mission till now.

Main cause of infanticide is the dowry system

While he speak against social injustices, he is also preaching secularism and national unity in the country. He said that he thinks that the main cause of infanticide is the dowry system, if this system ends then the infanticide will also end.

He told the students that he travels 50-60 km every day. His abodes are gurdwara, temples or army cants. Even in this age of science and information technology, he does not carry a mobile phone, does not have a bank account and travels like a hermit. He told the cadets that the Army as an institution has helped him a lot in this cause.

On this occasion, Commanding Officer Colonel Vinod Joshi also presented his views to the cadets. In a large gathering of cadets, head of the history department, Dr. Suman Chopra, NCC In-charge Dr. Karanbir Singh; NSS Program Officer Dr. Amandeep Kaur, and army personnel were also present.

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