Apeejay College of Fine Arts takes a stride towards Environmental Awareness on World Wetlands Day

Apeejay College

Jalandhar February 5 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- On the occasion of World Wetlands Day, Apeejay College of Fine Arts organized an educational tour for students of Journalism and mass communication to Harike Pattan in collaboration with Pahal NGO. The initiative aimed to provide extensive knowledge about various species inhabiting wetlands and educate students on sculpting an eco-friendly environment.

During the educational tour, students actively engaged with environmental experts, learning about the importance of wetlands and their role in maintaining biodiversity. The experience included hands-on activities, guided discussions, and interactive sessions towards environmental conservation.

What made this tour even more impactful was the enthusiasm and spirit of the students. They not only absorbed the information but also took proactive steps to contribute to the cause. Students actively participated in shooting documentaries, spreading awareness about wetland conservation, and encouraging others to join the mission of making our environment more sustainable and green.

Principal Dr. Neerja Dhingra expressed her delight at the success of the initiative, stating, “It’s heartening to see our students actively participating in initiatives that contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. This educational tour not only provided them with knowledge but also instilled in them a sense of responsibility towards the environment.” She also admired Dr. Nivedita Khosla and Mr. Mohit for making the students inquisitive and instilling the thoughts in them related to preservation of environment.

The collaborative effort between Apeejay College of Fine Arts and Pahal NGO sets an example of building a sense of environmental responsibility among the younger generation.

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