An educational tour was organized by Department of Physiotherapy of Lyallpur Khalsa College

educational tour

Jalandhar December 23 (Jaswinder Singh Azad)- Lyallpur Khalsa College Jalandhar continuously strives for the all-round development of students. Accordingly, an educational tour of Krishi Vigaan Kendra, Kapurthala was organized by the Department of Physiotherapy of the college in which BPT part II, III and IV year students of the department participated. While sending off this educational tour, Principal Dr. Jaspal Singh greeted the students and Head of Department Dr. Raju Sharma. He said that such field visits not only enhance the knowledge of the students but also provide practical experience to the students.

During the educational tour, Dr. Harinder Singh, Associate Director of Krishi Vigaan Kendra, Kapurthala and his assistants Dr. Avneet Kaur and Dr. Suman organized a knowledge-enhancing lecture for the students. On this occasion, Dr. Harinder Singh explained how they implement research findings in agriculture at Krishi Vigyan Kendra. On this occasion, Dr. Avneet Kaur also gave information about which diseases can be avoided by using coarse grains and how to use them in patients. Dr. Suman also gave detailed information about mushroom and its health benefits and ways to grow it at home.

Dr. N.S. Kang and his wife Mrs. Kang were especially present on this occasion

Dr. N.S. Kang and his wife Mrs. Kang were especially present on this occasion. It should be noted that Dr. Kang is the former sarpanch of village Khasan and has also been honored with the Global Health Award. He has been honored four times with national awards for health, education, environment and water conservation. He also shared his thoughts and experiences with the students. He asked the students to develop interest in kitchen gardening and terrace gardening along with studies.

He emphasized on being practical in life. On this occasion, the head of the department, Dr. Raju Sharma, thanked Dr. Harinder Singh and Dr. Kang by giving them a token of honor from the college. Professor Vishali Mahindru, teacher of the department, managed this departmental tour.

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