Eminent Politician and Educationist: Sardar Balbir Singh


Whenever Lyallpur Khalsa College or its related institutions are mentioned, the name of Sardar Balbir Singh is mentioned with great respect and honor. He was such a personality who dedicated his body, mind, wealth and entire life to social service. He was an accomplished politician as well as an eminent educationist, a sound administrator and a sincere human being. S. Balbir Singh as a Minister and Member of Parliament did every work that came under his jurisdiction with great loyalty and commitment. As the chairman of the management of the colleges, he brought the problems of the colleges to the government from time to time. He devoted his entire life to promote society, education and philanthropic values.

S. Balbir Singh was an enlightened administrator. He devoted himself fully to education and worked tirelessly for the welfare of the students. He opened schools, degree colleges and B.Ed. colleges to provide traditional, legal, technical education to the society by opening Lyallpur Khalsa Institutions. To fully fulfill his dreams, the College Governing Council opened a Technical and Engineering College at Jalandhar which is now known as Lyallpur Khalsa College Technical Campus. He dedicated his services to higher education for 35 years as the President of the Governing Council of Lyallpur Khalsa College.

College created its illustrious history as the premier educational institution of North India

Under his leadership the college created its illustrious history as the premier educational institution of North India. S. Balbir Singh played a leading role as an eminent educationist in modernizing higher education. He was the first in the field to think of introducing computer education at the college level and to introduce technical education in colleges. He not only started educational institutions, but also established such standards in the field of education, through which all-round development of the life of the students could take place. So, he ensured maximum involvement of students in academic studies as well as in research, literary, sports and cultural activities.

Due of his shown path, the college students come up with merit positions in the university examinations every year. Moreover, college has won the General Championship trophy of Guru Nanak Dev University 24 times in the field of sports by following his principles of hardwork and dedication.

S. Balbir Singh was a multifaceted talent

S. Balbir Singh was a multifaceted talent. That is why even riding in the two boats of education and politics, he continued to render tireless and valuable services in both the fields. He was the Minister of Health and Family Welfare in the Punjab government from 1972 to 1977, Member of Rajya Sabha from 1992 to 1998 and Member of Lok Sabha from 1999 to 2004 and Patron of NRI Sabha Punjab from 2005 to 2008.

Apart from this, he was also the chairman of the Punjab Kabaddi Association from 1994 to 2008. He kept himself humble even while occupying such a high and prestigious positions. He was also a student of Lyallpur Khalsa College, so he had a fondness for this institution. Whenever there was any talk about higher education, he used to come up with student oriented vision and ideas. That is why he continued to give a new direction to the student center schemes in the colleges while being the president of the college governing council and a minister in the government.

December 5 is the birthday of S. Balbir Singh

December 5 is the birthday of S. Balbir Singh. This day is celebrated as alumni meet of old students at the college. The alumni of the college gather at the college and celebrate the birthday of S. Balbir Singh by reminiscing. This year also on 5th December 2023 an impressive event has been organized in the college at 2:30 p.m. Lyallpur Khalsa College is extremely proud to celebrate S. Balbir Singh’s birthday as an Alumni Meet All old students are welcome to attend this Annual Alumni Meet.

-Dr. Jaspal Singh, Principal, Lyallpur Khalsa College, Jalandhar

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